How to Keep your Treadmill in Tip-top Shape

Your home treadmill is your ally on your road to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle; but it can only help you in your mission if it is well taken care of. Here are a few tips to ensure your home treadmill is always in fine working order:

First, you should always keep your treadmill dry. This means wiping it clean after you use it, as more often than not, your sweat or other liquids can get into the treadmill’s inner machinery. If left unattended to, the treadmill parts might rust; and when the cogs get rusted, your treadmill’s performance would get compromised. This could mean shelling out money for repairs and new parts.

Apart from liquids, you must also be on the lookout for dust that may be building up on the treadmill’s wheels and conveyor. Don’t be surprised to see that your treadmill is gathering dust even when you use it religiously. Using the treadmill produces static electricity that attracts dust particles. Too much dust can cause a drop in the treadmill’s performance, so it is important to completely wipe the clean at least twice a week.

Keeping your treadmill in fine working condition ensures that you get the results you want every time you use it.


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